Friday, July 22, 2011

Jar bliss

Yay for jars, glass bottles, and candles. I love this craft and think if I could everything in my house would look like this. This little bit of craftiness is great for a hour or afternoon of doing-it-yourself. It could be easily done for a party, wedding, or as a gift. Feel free to change it up as you like it and bedazzle it as you wish. It is all yours to love on and enjoy. I will be using a few glass jars and a candle today and have collected some lace, ribbons, buttons, and pendents.

Each one I have decided to do a bit different. Some will have ribbon and the others lace. Measure how much ribbon you would need to go around the jar you will be using, make a nice clean cut, a nice sharp scissors works wonders with ribbon and lace. You can use some hot glue or double-sided tape, which I used works just as well. Making sure it is on there nicely you can decide what you would like to add or just keep it  plain, it's all up to the look you going for. To one of them I placed some buttons on, I used some sticky dots which I found at a craft store or some hot glue will do the trick. Another jar I placed some lace on and wrapped some twine around as well to another lace and a pendent. 

Even just ribbon can change it up and add some color. These jars add so much to any desk or room, most things can be placed in them and its a great way to easily find things or just use them as a decor piece. It's great to play around and see what you can make or come up with and the great thing is they can easily be changed as you wish. You can change the ribbon when the seasons change, place some lace around some tall candles and use them as a centerpieces or for a dinner party, the uses are endless.

Happy Crafting.

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