Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Memories

Photo albums are fun and a great to show off our special occasions, embarrassing childhood moments, and all the family. I recently got married and have now received all my beautiful pictures of the wedding. But instead of buying an album that I couldn't really make personal, I decided to make my wedding album, it was quite the task but I have to say it is very rewarding once completed. Now with the freedom to design what you like you can create it just the way you want it. Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Shower or a Special Occasion, there is no limit to what memories you want to display. What I love about this craft is everything I used I either got on sale or used a coupon, it makes it even more rewarding when you know you got a good deal on something. A great tip is to always keep a look out for good deals and sales that are happening, it might take a few weeks to accumulate all that you need for your craft, but it is worth it at the end of the day.

You will need to start off with a blank album, card-stock that you like, and whatever else you would like to place on the front of the album or on the inside.

For my album I used  8x8 green photo album, yellow card-stock, and white letters. I also found this gorgeous button which I wanted to place on the front. So I used some brown organza, sewed the button to that then hot glued the organza to my album. I also hot glued my card-stock to my album and placed photo corners to add to the look on the front.

With the front complete lets move on to the inside. I choose the color of card I would like to have as my pages and cut them to the right size.

Using photo corners to hold my pictures in place I placed my pictures in the order and style as I want and stuck them onto the card-stock. Photo corners come in different colors or if you not a fan of them there are little stickies that you can buy and place on the back of your photo that will hold them there just as good. 

Slide in your pages and enjoy your hand-made personal Photo Album. 

There is no limit to what you can create and place in your album. Words, tokens, letters, or photos. Have fun and enjoy.

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