Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Favorite Banana Loaf

We all have that one recipe that you know you cannot mess up, it always comes out perfect, and we never want to try another recipe. Well this banana loaf recipe is that type of recipe. I absolutely adore this recipe and it is so easy and quick to make. It's great for afternoon tea, when you have guests over, or a new neighbor. So enjoy the smell of warm banana loaf coming from your kitchen.

Delectable Ingredients

1/2      c soft butter
2/3      c sugar
2         eggs
1 3/4   c cake flour
2         t baking powder
1/4      t bicarbonate of soda
1/2      t salt
1         c banana pulp (approx 4 ripe bananas)
1         t vanilla essence

~ Cream the butter and sugar together and beat in the eggs one at a time.

~ Sift the dry ingredients together and stir alternately with the banana pulp in the creamed mixture. Stir in the vanilla.

~ Bake in a greased pan in a moderate oven (375 F) for 1 hour.

Enjoy a delicious piece of banana loaf. Serve warm, either by itself or with some butter.
Happy baking.

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