Thursday, February 3, 2011

Every Little Detail - DIY Bliss

Planning a wedding is never an easy task. Most brides have some idea of how they want it to look on that  day. My favorite part about weddings is seeing how the bride and her team create her wonderful day, through design and planning using the venue, lighting, decor, food and flowers.
I wanted to share with you My Wedding Day. The planning of which took about 3 months, but on that day every minute spent was worth it. I had incredible help from family, friends, and of course my handsome husband.
It was a budget friendly and eco-friendly wedding, a lot was hand-made and borrowed. I wanted Our Day to represent us as a couple, our different personalities and likes.


Joshua and I on our wedding day. My wedding dress and getting ready.

My gorgeous shoes where made perfect by the lovely Kate Pewthers. Check her out on Etsy. She added mustard colored fabric rosettes to them and a gorgeous flower to my black birdcage headpiece. She also made my bridesmaids hair pieces too. A perfect touch.

I spent a lot of time going through magazines and on the internet looking for ideas. The ones I liked I adapted to our day, I added our colors and some personal touch to the design. I wanted something fun to show where each guest was seated that day. I made these paper rosette name cards for each guest and used some old vintage windows to display them.

Our favors for our guests were wire and seed key chains hand-made in South Africa for the ladies and home-made brownies for the men. Favors can take out a lot from your budget, so try looking for fun ideas that can work for you. Some ideas in posts to come.

Our table names where our favorite songs. We made each name with normal scrap-booking card and dell sticks, which were just placed in our arrangements on the tables. Personal and easy. Our dinner menus were printed and folded into a cootie catcher. 


Our tables where an arrangement of around the house vases and mason jars. I went to the local flower market and chose flowers that worked with our theme and budget and just went from there. We used succulents, billy buttons, bells of ireland, and teddy bear sunflowers. Don't be shy to try something different, when it is all put together it works beautifully.

My gorgeous bouquet was made by an incredibly talented friend. Sometimes it is not easy trying to explain what you have in your head and in this case there where a lot of those moments. The best way to deal with this problem is find pics of flowers and bouquets that you like cut them out and build your own bouquet and arrangements. It will help everyone understand your thoughts and ideas. I wanted something different and unique that added to my dress and our beautiful day. Using most of the same flowers in our arrangements on the tables we added in some roses and feathers to finish off the look. Perfect.

Every little detail can add to your day. But not everything has to break the budget. There were a few things that we wanted at our wedding that we made or we just came up with another plan. One being we wanted a photobooth so we just used one of our cameras and a few props put up a background and just allowed people to have fun with it. We got some great memories just from that and we didn't have to buy anything. Don't be afraid to try different things to find the one that you love. It is your day and there is nothing like looking around and knowing that you had a big part in everything that is there.

I'll end off with a huge thanks to family and friends, without them our day would have not been possible. We had so much fun and an absolutely unforgettable day! Thank you to everyone that lent a hand. You helped make it happen.

A very big thank you to the lovely Jesse Thomas. All the photos you see were done by her. Her work is amazing, she is an absolute joy to work with and made it so much fun for us! Thank you Jesse for capturing every moment.

Here are a few more pics.. why not..


  1. Off to a great start! I see big things Jess! Its absolutely beautiful and eloquent. I am a follower

  2. Love this! Your creativity inspires me Jess!