Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crafting some Love

Valentine's Day. This one day creates a month of love, how exciting. What a great time to make something personal for our loved ones. It can be home made, baked or bought, but adding a little personal touch can add that extra special feeling to the gift. And who doesn't love giving that special gift or receiving one in that case.

For Valentine's this year I decided to make something for my loved ones. An envelope of Love. 

I am using a mini petal envelope template, you can use any color card or paper when creating this envelope. You need to decide what you would like to put in there for them, to determine the size of your envelope. I will be giving Herbal tea, so my envelope is  4" x 4" which then makes my petals 2" each. Make sure your sides are half the size of your envelope, it allows them to reach the center perfectly and close easily. 

I decided to use a cream card and double it as a card, so my love note will be on the inside of my envelope. 

Placing what you want inside, fold it up and there you go, your home made gift and love note for your loved one.  You can seal it with a sticker or cute ribbon. 


Enjoy crafting. 

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